Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pregnancy - Week 36

I should be pretty darn thankful that I've had such a "boring" pregnancy.  I really don't have a whole lot of updates this week, which is good! I'm at the end now and quite honestly starting to get really nervous!!  I've run out of baby projects to occupy me so now I just kind of putter around the house and find myself sitting in the baby room staring at all the stuff.  It's really kind of surreal!

The weather has finally cooled (way) off and I am loving every second of it!!  We had another beautiful weekend too.  Saturday, Zach spent half the day raking leaves and I spent half the day taking naps, I was so exhausted that day. I even got in a little rest outside on the deck and got some color!!  That night we went on our "date night/anniversary dinner" to The Dish in Liberty. I know it's nothing fancy, but that's totally us and the pizza was delish!  Sunday I got a burst of energy and cleaned the house, ran a bunch of errands and did some baking! Boy, was I ever sore that night!! 

Physically things are pretty much the same.  I'm really sore, really tired and moving slightly slower than a snail. I think the baby has dropped or is just getting really big because I'm having quite a bit of pelvic pressure and pain at times.  Sometimes I will stand up and feel like I've been kicked square in the crotch a thousand times.  Luckily once I get moving most of the discomfort goes away. It's just the getting up and getting going that takes the effort.  I've also started getting some mild carpal tunnel in my fingers. The tips of all of my fingers are numb all day and in the morning I can hardly move my right hand.  However it's nothing that has been too bad, just weird.

Lubbin' on the baby....

The baby has been quite the mover and shaker lately!!  Lots of people say they stop feeling movement as often once they get this far along, but I've actually been feeling much more!! There's always this one random body part that he likes to poke out all the time, I'm guessing a knee??  My doctor says he's head down and once I showed her where all the movement is she said he's just a "little rump shaker" ha! It is really neat feeling him that much though!  The hiccups are also really cool too. He gets them for LONG periods of time too!!

So, that's that.  I'm officially "Full Term" now at 37 weeks.  He could come at any time! How crazy is that?!

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