Friday, December 19, 2008

Run it, Run it.

I remember one time when I got what I thought were some cool new Nike Shox and went to immediately try them out at a local park. I got there and they hurt my feet. Really bad. So bad that I actually had to check to make sure they were on the right feet. My feet were going numb from the pain. I hobbled back to my car and drove home, cussed a bit, but then changed into my old running shoes and went BACK to the park to finish up my 4 miles.

That was back when I had this thing called MOTIVATION. I can't even fathom driving home for new shoes then driving back to continue my workout nowadays. I'd probably just give up and eat pizza.

So I need to get back to it. I need to start pounding some pavement (or treadmill until it's warm enough). Working out is addictive for me. Something happened when we moved to our new house. The gym moved about 10 miles away. Driving to the gym is such a chore. Add on top of that a needy puppy and husband in school, I barely ever have the time or patience to go to the gym. That all is going to change. We are going to switch gyms so I can go to one that's a little closer. While it might not be a fancyschmansy 24 Hour Fitness that I've grown to love, it is still a gym with all the same stuff and similar classes. I'll make due. Plus it's nearly half the cost of 24 Hour. Hell, when I was a poor wedding consultant I worked out with old people in room no bigger than my living room with 2 treadmills, 1 elliptical and a couple old weight machines. I'd never been skinner.

I've also outlined my race plan for the Spring/Summer. It's pretty ambitious. I'm half tempted to go ahead and actually sign up and pay so I can't back out.

Here Goes:
-April 26 - Trolley Run (4 miles)
-May 25 - Amy Thompson Run (8K)
-June 6 - Hospital Hill Run (10K)
-October 12 - KC Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)

Wish me luck! I'm gonna need it.

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