Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Movie Star!

As you are well aware, my beloved Missy was used in a locally-shot movie before we got her. My mom and I went to the "premier" back in September and while the movie is cheeztastic, it was still so fun to see my puppy dog on the big screen! During the Q&A session at the premier someone asked "what happened to the puppies". Then there was a big hub-bub and barrage of questions "How big is she!?" (Small). "Why didn't you bring her?!" (cause she's crazy). "How did you get so lucky to get her?!" (We just are. We just are).

Well I finally got my hot little hands on the trailer. Apparently the DVD comes out some time in 2009. You can bet we'll be getting a copy or two. It's totally a kids movie, so there's hope that my children may enjoy seeing their puppy on TV someday.

Enjoy for yourselves.

Matchmaker Mary Trailer from Pure Flix on Vimeo.

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