Sunday, March 8, 2009

Drumm Farm Trail Run 5K

This Saturday was my first run of the season. I kind of signed up for this race on a whim. Since it was held in Lee's Summit, I thought I might as well. Since it was just the 5K I signed up for, I thought it would be a good warm up for the Trolley Run 4 miler next month.

The race was billed as a "trail run". A friend of mine knew someone putting on the race and she said the trail was mostly gravel. Ok, I can handle that. My first 5K ever (Thanksgiving Turkey Trail Trot '06 in Parkville) was on gravel. It snowed last weekend so I knew there was a chance of some soft spots and mud, but I wore my "trail running" shoes (that are probably 5 years old) and thought I'd be good.

We got to Unity Villiage and unlike any other race I'd done, there wasn't a lot of clarity on what you were supposed to do. In my packet it said I had to check in in the Bookstore. I went in the bookstore and nobody was in there. Come to find out there was a secret door in the back and that's where I had to go. It also turns out that since I had already picked up my packet, I didn't need to register. Um, ok. I noticed that there weren't many people either. Smallest race ever. Apparently it was the 1st annual, so that explains it.

Before the race started they had some door prizes. I WON! I got a free pedicure! I never win anything! I was pretty excited. The race organizer guy kind of described the trail to me and once again said the course was mostly gravel. He also said that if you got hurt to tell the runner behind you to "send help" Um... This worried me a bit.

So we all line up and get ready to go. There was a sort-of countdown and an air horn then off we went. I knew I was in trouble right away. Our first leg of the race was straight across a field. Full of holes and deer poo and dips and hills. Oh crap! When we actually did come to a "trail" it was an un-even golf cart path. My ankle was screaming at me within the first 5 minutes. And I don't have bad ankles. The whole race was pure hell.
The expression on my face just about sums it up andthat kid totally smoked me.
I was getting really upset with myself, thinking I didn't train enough, that I'm far too out of shape. I was really pissed the whole race. There was this one girl that I kept pretty good pace with the whole time though. We would exchange "this totally sucks" looks every once in a while so I knew I wasn't alone. The fields are what killed me (and that was most of the race). There were just holes everywhere and it was totally uneven. I've never, ever run on that sort of terrain and was really, really frustrated. At one point a DEER CUT ME OFF! Not kidding, the thing ran straight out of nowhere directly in front of me. At least that made me laugh. I ended up walking a portion of the race because my legs were killing me. I was so mad at myself. BUT, I finished.

I just looked up my "official time" and um, I think there were some people not wearing their chips because it says I came in 4th place! HAHAHAHA! There's no way. I know for a fact that there were plenty of people in front of me. My official time says it's 33:08, which is a lot better than I thought I'd finish that's for sure.

I came across the finish line and Zach was there. I'm glad he came with me :) Knowing someone will be at the finish line makes things so much more worth it. I usually go to races by myself since they are so early in the morning and there's lots of standing around waiting, but he volunteered to come to this one. I was happy! Although, his photography skills leave a little to be desired.... That's me at the finish line, behind the tree. Haha!

I saw one of my former sorority sisters there and she said she had planned to do the 10K, but cut it short at the 5K mark because she was having such a hard time with the course too. So, that made me feel much better.

So overall...tough race. I'm glad I did it, but I'm not sure I'll go back next year. And besides, Unity Villiage is kinda strange.... Here's my official "Finish Line" picture. I look like a total idiot in all of my running pictures. I think I need to work on my form or something.... Yikes! I think I was trying to smile too... I can't believe I'm even posting this.....

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