Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weekly Fitness Log - Week 8

Monday, February 23
Walk Missy: 1.5 miles
Off Day

Tuesday, February 24
Walk Missy: 1.5 Miles
Treadmill: Run 4.0 miles (took a couple "breaks" but only for a few seconds each time)

Wednesday, February 25
Run Outside: 4.0 Miles at the park (took a couple "breaks" but only for a few seconds each time)

Thursday, February 26

Friday, February 27
Elliptical: 30 Min (rear end focused)
Weights: 15 Min

Saturday, February 28
Snow Day!

Sunday, February 29
Elliptical: 20 min
Weights: 15 min
Bike: 60 min spin class + 15 minute "warm up"

Overall Notes
Good week! I was very happy with my two 4 mile runs. As expected the first 2 were the hardest and going further than that comes a little easier. I also stepped on the scale this week and was pleased to see I lost just shy of 3 pounds. So far this week has been a struggle, but I'm running a 5K on Saturday so I've got to get ready for that. I won't be back on the scale for a few weeks though!

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