Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weekly Fitness Log - Week 9

Well, I got lazy last week and kind of forgot to write down my workouts...

I know I worked out 4 days last week. One of those days was the Drumm Run. The others probably consisted of a mix of cardio and weights... Ugh. Totally spaced things off last week.

Don't expect week 10 to be much better either. I haven't worked out since the run on Saturday. I'm going to *try* today, but Zach has been sick with a fever since Sunday and I'm starting to wonder if I have a touch of it. I just feel bleh. I'll take Missy on her walk tonight and see how I feel. I might be able to get a run in. We shall see.

I still full intend on doing the triathlon in August. I'm asking for a bike for my birthday! Now I just need to start swimming.......

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