Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lead Legs

Well, apparently my legs have gone on and decided that they do not wish to run anymore. They are done.

I'm not exactly sure what's going on, but my last two runs have been horrible (granted they are my first two runs in about 6 days, but that shouldn't matter this much). I can barely go. My legs feel like they are made of lead.

Don't they know that Sunday is the Trolley Run?! In just 4 days they are going to bus me out to Waldo and instruct me to run my happy ass to the Plaza. At the rate I'm going I'm not going to make it!

Last year my time was 37:15 (4 miles). This year I signed up for the "Blue Wave" which gently suggests that you finish under 35 minutes! Hello?! Legs?? Did you hear that?! RUN!!!!

*sigh* I'll let you know if they wake up and decide to actually WORK!

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