Sunday, April 26, 2009

Trolley Run - 2009

Today was the Trolley Run. Last year it was freezing cold and if I remember correctly, misting? Either way, it was miserable. This year I woke up to rain and humidity. I wasn't sure the weather was going to hold out, but it did! It ended up being a perfect day for a run.

As I've mentioned in my last few posts, I've been having some running issues. I got hurt a few weeks ago and didn't run-run for nearly two weeks. I didn't exactly have high hopes for today, but went in determined to beat my time last year.

I got to The Plaza barely in time to catch a bus to Waldo. I actually got to go to the front of the line because I was in a faster wave that started before the others. As I walked to the bus my left ankle started hurting a little bit. It just felt like the muscle right behind my ankle below my calve was starting to cramp...and I was just WALKING! I also forgot my visor and my iPod. Things were not starting out right.

The race started just as the sun came out! I knew right away I'd be missing that visor.... The first two miles actually went very quickly. I was pacing almost exactly 9 minute miles. I was feeling pretty good, but really hoped to either maintain speed or actually go a little bit faster. Somewhere in the middle of the third mile that pain behind my ankle started getting really bad. Everything else was fine, except for that horrible pain. Against my will, I stopped and walked about 30 seconds to a minute. Let me tell you, that is frustrating!!! Seeing big groups of people run past me just makes me angry! So I sucked it up and started running again. The 4th mile was pretty good. About halfway into that last mile a guy next to me asked if I knew how much further. I told him it was probably less than half a mile and he said "Alright, well we better speed up then!" I thought it was really cool.

I won't lie, I was struggling toward the end. Those two weeks off really set me back and the sweat running in my eyes was really starting to get to me. I could barely see anything. And lord almighty, my ankle was screaming!

I crossed the finish line and was happy I finished, but disappointed that I didn't go a little faster. I need to get over this speed thing. I'm NOT a fast runner. I can sprint, yes, but distance running I'm just slower. I need to stop obsessing...but it's hard.

I thought for sure I'd finished faster than last year. Alas, I was actually 3 seconds slower. It's a bit disappointing, but just more motivation to train harder and focus more on nutrition and form for the next race.

Here are the stats:
Distance: 4 Miles
Time: 37:18
Pace: 9:20
Overall: 2,744/6,666
Division: 250/771
Female: 991/3819

I missed my "goal" finish time by a minute and a half. Ugh. Oh well, there's always next year....

Next up... Hospital Hill Run 10K!

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