Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Something New to Make Me Crazy

For years I've absolutely despised the magnetic car ribbon thingamabobs. They. drove. me. crazy. At first I was like "oh that's nice, look at them, supporting the troops", then the "causes" started coming out of the woodwork... You name it, there was a ribbon for it. Heck, even the Chiefs had a ribbon!! So many times I wanted to just rip them all off of cars I saw in parking lots, but I'm a goody-two-shoe and could never do such things. So Zach just had to put up with my bitching. Good thing he agrees with me.
Finally, after a few more years than they should have, the ribbon magnets started going away. Gradually cars started to look like cars again and less like a refrigerator.

Then..... THIS happened....Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, people start pimping their kids on their car. I'm not sure what bugs me more, the fact that parents are so focused on their kids activities that they have to not only talk about it incessantly to everyone they encounter, but also have to plaster it all over their car. Or if it's the fact that these people are putting their childrens NAMES on the car! That way, when a stranger tries to give them some "candy" they can call them out by name! Great idea!!! Maybe it's because I live in suburbia now, but I've never noticed people doing this kind of stuff to their cars before. Of course there's the occasional "honor student" sticker, but really, do you have to list out every extra circular activity your child is in along with some clever clip art and detail it on your car? Is that really necessary?

I guess I just don't get the whole being so full of yourself thing.

Do people not realize how stupid this makes them look? Really?

I don't get it.

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Crystal said...

Um, excuse me...Crystal is AWESOME! I'll have to find the picture I took one time of a car I saw.

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