Saturday, May 9, 2009


Well, he's home! Ted came home today. He wasn't quite sure what was going on when we put him in the car, but he quickly fell asleep and the ride home was pretty mellow. Zach, of course, sat back there with him and gushed the entire time... cute!

He's 7 weeks and 2 days old, but I cannot believe how big he is, and how small he is, all at the same time. When we went to visit a couple weeks ago we took a towel and a toy up there for him to keep and bring back with him. It has proven to be a great idea. Familiar scents have made the transition for him a little easier I think. Plus, he LOVES his toy!

He also loves Zach. He likes me too, but I can already tell that Zach is going to be his buddy. Please ignore our sad excuse for a yard too... we haven't really started working on the back yard. We figure it might be best to wait until next year as both the dogs seem to really enjoy digging and eating grass. Figures.

The first meeting went much better than I ever could have hoped for!!! Missy didn't really do much and Ted just kind of stuck near us. However, inside is a different story. We've had a few growls and barks and lots of running and hiding. Missy is very high energy, and Ted, well he's super mellow and still a baby so he's not really happy with it. We are working on it. They'll be best buds in no time!

Look how cute that face is! He treats the kitchen table and chairs like a jungle gym. It's only a matter of weeks (or days) before he won't fit under the bars anymore. He has no idea how big he is. It's hilarious. Watching him try to walk and run just cracks us up!

He was getting tired so we thought we'd try out the kennel. Missy HATED her kennel at first. She cried and whined and howled to no end. Ted - he went right in, laid down and passed out. We didn't even know what to think! Amazing! If he does this at night, we will be eternally grateful! Missy is already playing the part of watchful older sister. So here he is! Ted! I'm still a nervous wreck and don't dare even blink when he's out wandering around. I've already caught him chewing the lamp cord/outlet. These next few days will inevitably be exhausting, but at least I have Monday and Tuesday off, right!?

We are in love!


Scowl Face said...

Oh new puppy! So much fun :) He's adorable.

Amy said...

Congratulations on having another puppy baby to love!

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