Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekly Fitness Log - Week 19, 2009

Running. That's all I've done.

And I'm getting sick of it.

I really don't feel like going through day by day and writing it all down. This week was a "lighter" week. I'll be hitting it hard again next week. The Hospital Hill Run is on June 6 and it can't get her fast enough. I miss the elliptical and weights, and kickboxing. Hell, yesterday I had a strong desire to do the stair climber! (what the crap?!) But, alas, all I've done is run.

I'm getting a bike for my birthday too! (Yes, I'm 8) and I can't wait to ride that around. I've decided that no matter how much I wish I was, I am not a distance runner. I get way too bored.

I did get new shoes though! I went to Garry Gribbles and shamefully showed them my old running shoes. I could tell by the look on the guys' face that I had those shoes for WAY too long. His only comment was "Well, I'd say you got your money's worth!" Heh. I'm still not sure how I thought the experience went. He tried to sell me a shoe an entire SIZE AND A HALF bigger than what I normally wore and my foot was swimming in it. He tried to insist that it was the correct size, but I demanded to go down a half size. I still think they are too big, but I'm giving them a try. He also said I have narrow feet and I noticed when I got home that he sold me a wide shoe. So I'm not convinced these people are the "experts" they claim to be. He was also asking a bajallion questions about the ipod shuffle, like he'd never heard of such a know, the ipod... I dunno, I might buy my own shoes next time.

Here they are: Mizuno Wave Inspire 5 (oooh!)

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