Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekly Fitness Log - Week 17 2009

Monday, May 4
Run in neighborhood: 3.87 miles

Tuesday, May 5
Day Off

Wednesday, May 6
Run/Walk at park: 4 miles

Thursday, May 7
Run/Walk neighborhood: 3 miles

Friday, May 8
Day Off

Saturday, May 9
Run in neighborhood: 4 miles

Sunday, May 10
Day Off

Overall Notes
I think I tried to push it too hard with the running this week. My legs just wouldn't go on Thursday, so I rested up on Friday and hit it hard again on Saturday. Thanks to a brand new running schedule given to me by Julie I feel like I will be in decent shape for the Hospital Hill run on June 6. Just got to keep focused! I have my first 6 mile run on Saturday. I'm pretty nervous, but I know I just have to go after it and get it done. First time is always the hardest, right?! For week 18, I'm also putting some more focus on weight lifting. My arms need to get in tank top shape ASAP!

Oh, I kept my weight steady this week, which I consider an improvement because in the past few weeks I've been down one week and up the next. I have a feeling I'll see a loss next week.

Run, Run, Run!

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