Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Puppy Tails - 7 Weeks Old

Well, it's official. I think Ted is the worlds best puppy. He is just so calm and mellow and lazy! 100% completely opposite of Missy. She's actually been the biggest challenge so far. She wants to play, and play rough all the time. He's still only 17 pounds, so she can toss him about pretty easy. It scares us because since he's a Great Dane, his growth plates can be seriously damaged if he plays too rough. Sometimes we have to just separate them for a while. This morning I could tell he had enough, so I put him in the kennel and he went right to sleep. We are also trying to get him used to being in the kennel during the times he'll be in there when I'm no longer on "puppy maternity leave". So far he's doing great!!!

I can't even believe how much this dog sleeps! Last night after I got home from the gym and wanted to take a shower, I put him in the kennel at 9, showered and came out and opened up the kennel door, but he just kept on a snoozing. Finally at 10:30 I took him outside and he did his business. We cuddled a bit and then put him back in the kennel for the night. Zach lets him out when he gets home at 12:30 and they play for a little bit and I think he was back in the kennel by 1:30, snoozing away. Not even a whimper! 6:30 rolled around this morning and he hadn't made a peep!! I was actually a little worried, but I went to get him and he's just sleeping away! Missy would have been up barking and howling and whining at 4am! It's just so nice to have such a good dog!

He already knows his name, No!, Come! and he immediatly does his business when we go outside, it's just going to the stairs that we are working on now. I'm going to get a bell later today and try to bell train him so he can go to the stairs to look out the door without us taking him outside. He'll learn to hit the bell when he needs to go out. I've heard it works really well, but we'll see if we can get him to do it.

Now if we could just get Missy to take it down a couple hundred notches, we'll be in business!!


Scowl Face said...

For some reason I keep thinking you'll be here too :( But alas, you will be dog wrangling...you will be missed.

Scowl Face said...

By the way, these pictures of Ted are so adorable!

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