Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Perhaps this is a bit strange, but I've always had a thing for barns. Ever since I can remember I've thought they were neat. They are one of the best parts of road trips. I'm always looking for them and find myself daydreaming about what they could possibly be used for, what sorts of (adorable, furry) critters live inside, how old they are and what their story is. I love them all, old, new, falling apart, nearly torn down, white, red, green...anything barn is good to me!  Funny thing is that I don't know that I've ever even really been IN a "real" barn before! So, huh. Yeah, kinda weird.

Years and years ago I always said it would be fun to go around and take pictures of barns.  Even to me, it sounded crazy.  But now that I have a new camera, a new hobby and a goal to take more pictures, I figure why not!?  So, here it is! My first barn.  It's just on the other side of the road and I see it every day.  My favorite part of the barn is its shape and the thing on the top (note to self: find out what that's called...). I also love how it's all the one color.  I took this picture last Sunday when I wandered out into the cold one late afternoon. I really like how this one turned out (I have more to share eventually) and I can't wait to find more barns. I already know of three others within walking distance to my house (another perk of living in a "small town").  So yay! Barns! 

Humor me.

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loveandpeaceF said...

great picture, and I'm a barn lover myself lol, they just look so quaint (and that is not a word I use often) :P

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