Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Going

Wednesday, Kansas City was expecting a big ol' snowstorm. I was pretty skeptical since the news was hyping it up so much. The sunny skies that morning also had me scratching my head.  All was fine and well until the afternoon.... Around 3:00 I turned around and saw this out my window. Yep, time to pack 'em up and head out.

Luckily I took the bus to work and didn't have to worry about driving most of the way home, however this is my third winter riding the bus, so I knew how things were going to happen.  1) The early bus was going to be packed 2) It's going to be a long ride and 3) Walk to Union Station in order to avoid waiting outside.

So, I did. It's about a 15 minute walk at least so while I was walking I took a few pictures with my camera phone.  The snow was very pretty and it was still pretty quiet outside.  It was lovely.

 Notice how empty this street is. Not even 40 minutes later it would be bumper to bumper.


Don't you just love Union Station? It's so glamorous!

I wasn't the only one who thought to leave early.  I think most of the people who ride the bus ended up there.  There began our wait.... The bus showed up almost a half hour late (the bus barn is downtown too, so this was a sign of things to come for sure). Union Station is the second stop on the route. The bus was full after I got on.  I knew I needed to settle in because this was going to be a long one. It took us over an hour to get from Union Station to The Sprint Center. Those of you from Kansas City will understand how crazy that is. We had to start turning people away after that stop since we had literally no more room and they had all been waiting in the cold for over an hour! I'd guess at least 30 people had to stand. (don't worry, there were 3 more buses behind us and word on the street is that the last bus only had 2 people on it. Ha!) It took about another 40 minutes or so to even get to the highway and at that point I stopped keeping track. We were going at a snails pace. Luckily everyone that rides the bus is used to it and we were all in good spirits, joking around and whatnot. (side: I remember my first winter riding the bus and a snowstorm hit and it took hours to get home. It was right before Christmas and we probably spent at least half an hour singing Christmas Carols. We even took a little "detour" through some neighborhoods and got to see some lights, it was..dare I I have NEVER seen so much traffic in my life.  Literally every person in Kansas City left to go home at the EXACT same time.  Oy.  We got to Lee's Summit at 7. After cleaning my car and slooooowly driving home, I arrived at 7:30.  I left my desk at 3:15.  You do the math.

Needless to say, I worked from home on Thursday.  But the best part? We're expecting another storm on Sunday. Oh boy!

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