Monday, January 10, 2011

First Snow

Today we had our first real snow of the winter.  The weather people were actually right for once and the storm hit pretty much exactly when they said it would and it did pretty much exactly what they said it would. Crazy!  I am a terribly, terribly nervous driver and that multiplies by about 1,000 when it snows, so I'm lucky enough to take the bus to work.  I especially love riding the bus on snow days!  Sure, my trip to work took over two and a half hours, but at least I wasn't behind the wheel! 

This picture is of Crown Center Square. I took this as I was walking to my office from the bus stop.  I wish the lights showed up better, but it was getting too light out. They are extra pretty, especially in the snow.  I eat lunch at those tables whenever possible in the summer. I just love it out there.

This picture was taken while I was waiting for my bus to go home.  Such a pretty view in the snow. Miraculously the ride home took our normal time since there was a break in the snow during the afternoon rush.  It really picked up again once I got home though. Hopefully the ride in tomorrow goes a little faster.

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