Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 Recap

Well it seems only fitting to do a little recap of 2008 since all my other blogging friends have. I hope I remember all the important stuff, my calendar that has all my 'events' on it is at work.

January- I started in a new department at work. I was expecting to have to do a lot more work than I did. The first month was insanely boring. My car gets broken into at my apartment on New Years Eve and isn't fixed for nearly a month and I'm forced to drive the Stratus I drove in college. My brothers had apparently trashed it after I used it. It was torture. Zach and I star thinking about buying a house. Celebrate Mom's 50th birthday at Manny's. Feel guilty for not throwing a party.

February- Most of the month was spent house hunting. Every weekend was spent driving around Lee's Summit and hours were spent obsessing over house listings online. Went to the Matchbox Twenty/Alianas Morisette concert at the Sprint Center with Jessica. Celebrate Valentine's Day with Zach at Accurso's. Find two houses we want, but someone else gets them first. Find "Our House", make an unbelievable offer and it gets accepted. Successful home inspection. The waiting game begins. Celebrate Zach's birthday, but neither of us can remember what we did.

March- Go to the Carrie Underwood/Keith Urban concert with Jill and Kristy. It was amazing. Jump through a million hoops to get our house. Can't close on the house because the paperwork was done for the wrong home. Can't close on the house because the bank didn't fax over the correct paperwork. Finally close on the house with a few hours to spare before losing it completely. Celebrate with dinner at The Peachtree.

April- Paint the master bedroom and office. Move into brand new house. Love every bit of it. Get a huge tax return. Decide to get a privacy fence. Find an unbelievable deal on fence. Run the Trolley Run. Fall in love with running races. Zach loses his job before we even make our first mortgage payment. Stressful.

May- Zach finds new job with great flexible hours. Zach studies for test for work all the time. I decide I want a puppy. Spend hours online looking for the perfect dog to adopt. Find Misty at Wayside Waifs. Drag Zach to meet her. She's not there. She's filming a movie. Put our name on waiting list. Go to Sioux Falls for Alicia's (Zach's sister) graduation and bridal shower that I hosted. Get the call that Misty is ours. Run out and buy books, toys, kennel, food, collar and leash for new puppy. Meet Misty for the first time and change her name to Missy. Fall in love. Sleepless nights and hours of crying after she gets sick 3 days after bringing her home. Spend lots of money at the vet.

June- Run the Hospital Hill 5K on my 27th birthday. Vow to complete the 10K next year. Celebrate birthday with McDonalds fries, shopping and dinner with Zach at Minsky's. Eat delicious Dairy Queen ice cream cake. Go to Sioux Falls for Alicia's wedding. End up coordinating wedding and decide to do look into starting an event planning business. Stain my gorgeous red dress and cry hysterically when the dry cleaner can't get the stain out.

July- Celebrate the 4th at my aunt's house. Cuddle with cousins new baby. Erica moves back to KC from Colorado. Host a welcome home party for her at my house on the hottest day of the year.

August- Take Missy to the lake. She swims for the first time and I get in the lake for the first time in almost 7 years. Went to the new LS pool and float around the lazy river. Realize I'm old. Go to my first Nebraska football game.

September- Paint the Dining Room and kitchen. Love the color. Take Missy to "Strutt With Your Mutt". Longest walk ever. Paint the downstairs landing. Hate the color. Repaint landing and hallway.

October- Run the KC Marathon (5K) sicker than a dog. Feel like a loser running a 5K at a marathon. Vow to run the 1/2 marathon next year. Celebrate my 1 year wedding anniversary with Zach at The American Restaurant. Realize they packed the wrong layer of my wedding cake. Zach loses his job. Again. His family comes to visit.

November- Paint the living room and entryway. It looks so much better than the horrible white walls. Dread watching the news. Vote for a new president and he gets elected. Go to another Nebraska game. This time they beat Kansas. Celebrate Thanksgiving at my aunts house. Go shopping on Black Friday for the first time. Decide it's overrated. Decorate my new house for Christmas. It looked beautiful.

December- Zach gets new job. Doesn't start until January. Carefully budget money. Host a baby shower for my cousin. Go to The Nutcracker with my mom and brother's girlfriends. Go to The Radio City Christmas Spectacular show featuring The Rockettes. Love it. Spend my first Christmas away from home, in Sioux Falls. Watch housing prices in our nighborhood plummet to insanely low prices. Spy on everyone who comes to look at them. Prepare to ring in the new year with dinner at Chili's with Zach and Erica and Guitar Hero at home.

So, I guess 2008 had it's definite ups and downs. Next year should be much better.

My resolutions (first ever!)
-Lose 10 pounds
-Spend more time with Zach
-Drastically reduce my sugar intake and up my water consumption
-Run the KC 1/2 marathon.

Happy 2009 People!

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