Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fitness Challenge - Week 3

Well, I'm halfway through the challenge! I lost another 2 pounds this week bringing my total to 8 pounds lost so far! I'm super excited!

I was expecting to only lose a couple pounds this past week. I've been fighting a weird cold thing and It's been hard a couple days to really kick up the cardio intensity as much as I would have liked. I'm still feeling a bit "off" but hopefully whatever it is goes away soon and doesn't get any worse! Still, 2 pounds is good with me!

I got bit by the baking bug this week. As most readers know, I love to bake (I even dream about having my very own bakery some day!) For quite a while now, Sunday has been baking day. I'd been avoiding it since I knew I was doing this challenge, but it just doesn't seem fair for me to have to give up something I love so much. I figure I can bake all I want, as long as I give away the treats instead of eating them all! Of course, I will let myself have a tiny bit! Today I made Fall Harvest Bars! They are super sinful, but very delicious! Zach took them to work tonight for his pot luck, so I know they won't be making a return trip home, so that's good. I guess all our friends, family and co-workers will just have to deal with more sweet treats from Stephanie with this new life style. I'm sure they are all just totally broken up about it too ;)

Zach and I also celebrated our anniversary at The Hereford House on Friday night. Our anniversary was actually October 13, but our schedules were too crazy to fit it in last weekend. We were going to go to Accurso's (it's "our place") and have some super yummy Italian food, but since I'm in the middle of the challenge I don't want to set myself back too far since my trainers say I'm in "transition", so I thought steak would be a good option instead. People, FILET MIGNON is on my diet plan! So I just had to get it :) I won't lie, I had some mashed potatoes and a little bit of chocolate cake too!! BUT I did way more cardio the next day than normal to help offset it. I'm still losing weight so I think it was ok. It was our anniversary!! :)
Happy 2 years Zach! Loves you!
*Imagine me 8lbs lighter here, this was taken a few weeks ago :)

Other than that, I've been sticking to the plan! It's not so hard any more. The workouts are fun and I love switching it up and trying new things to keep it interesting. The diet isn't so bad anymore either. It's just what I eat now, I've realized that my meals don't have to be "exciting" all the time. They just have to fill me up and keep me going. So, it's all good! Here's to my new lifestyle!!!

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