Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fitness Challenge - Week 1

I am not amused.

I have stuck to the plan. In the past week and a half I have given up all sweets, fried food, junk food, basically all GOOD food. I am literally living on plain chicken breast, egg beaters, broccoli and rice cakes. I worked out (HARD) 6 days this week and what have I lost? 3 pounds. Three measly pounds. THREE.

I'm pissed.


Leslie said...

Three is a lot!! Congrats!

Nemmie said...

3 pounds = 10,800 calories. That is 10,800 calories that you cut from your diet and sweated off, which in a week?? Impressive. So stop with the debby downer! I am certainly jealous.

Erin said...

Here's some more math:
Your goal: 15 lbs in 6 weeks
3 lbs = 1/5 the weight
1 week = 1/6 the time
3 lbs/week x 6 weeks = 18 lbs

You're ahead of schedule. At the rate you're going, you'll hit your goal with a week to spare.

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