Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pregnancy - Week 28

Week 28 pretty much marks the time where I think I can say I really "feel pregnant".  There is no more forgetting about this big ol' belly anymore.  Getting up from the couch or heaven help me, out of bed requires much more effort than it used to, that's for sure! I walk terribly slow, think twice about picking up whatever I drop and have welcomed back my old friend, exhaustion. 

Now let's talk about what I have been enjoying this pregnancy, shall we?
~ My hair is super full and not falling out all over the bathroom like it normally does. It also doesn't need to be washed nearly as much as when I'm not pregnant. Prior to pregnancy I had to wash it every day, or else. Now I can even get away with 2 days of no washing! It's great! My hair has thanked me for much a needed break.
~ My complexion is nice and clear.  While makeup doesn't quite stay on like it used to, I feel like my skin looks really nice right now. I don't even really mind being as pale as I am!
~ My thin, normally non-existant lips are slightly more full!
~ I have learned how to "relax".  I'm a constant do-er, so being pregnant has allowed me to really appreciate doing nothing and just enjoying being still.
~ People are a lot nicer to pregnant ladies!  I get lots of random smiles and hello's in the hallway now.
~ Zach will give me a foot rub whenever I ask!
~ My dogs have calmed down around me considerably. Perhaps it's age, but they are much calmer when it's just me at home and they seem to know that I need to be taking it easy, so they take it easy right with me.
~ Having a totally new summer wardrobe is pretty fun!
~ Guilt-free ice cream eating!
~ Not feeling like I have to "suck it in" all the time.
~ I don't have to clean the litter box!
~ Shopping for baby things is a ton of fun!
~ Two words - Baby. Kicks.

So yeah, while I might moan about some things more than others, I really am happy to be pregnant and am trying to soak it all up.   I feel lucky and blessed and just so grateful to be pregnant every day and I need to remind myself that not everyone gets this and I should happily take every ache and pain and sleepless night and be thankful. 

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Elisa said...

You are adorable!!

My hair used to come out in clumps In the shower and I used to have to sweep the bathroom floor everyday. Same as you, when I was pregnant it stopped! but even better, two years later it hasn't changed! Hope you have the same luck :)

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