Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bye, Bye Tanner Doggie....

My parent's dog, Tanner (I consider him to be my dog as well) passed away yesterday. He was only about 5 years old. Two and a half weeks ago, my parents took him to the vet because they noticed some bumps on his legs and neck. Turns out it was cancer in his lymph nodes. The vet gave him 8-10 weeks. We all figured since he was so stubborn, he'd beat the odds and be around for quite some time. Well as it turns out, the cancer got the best of him very quickly. I won't go into the details, but my dad came home last night and knew it was time. The vet informed him that they got Tanner there just in time. Instead of suffering, he went peacefully.

I know everyone in my family is going to miss Tanner very much. He was everyone's buddy and my dad's constant companion. He followed him everywhere. If he so much as went in the garage for two seconds, Tanner cried. My dog, Missy will also miss him. He was her "crazy Uncle Tanner" and we went over to play with him (well, more like attack him with kisses and loving) nearly every weekend. I dread the day we take her over there and she can't find him. It breaks my heart just thinking about it.

Tanner was always some what of a "lemon". He always had something wrong with him, but we never ever imagined he'd be gone so quickly.

So here's to you - Tanner Doggie! I love you! I miss you....

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