Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fitness Log - Week 1 (2009)

Here is my first installment of my Fitness Log. I will do this every week to keep myself accountable. I'm still working through the format, but the content will be about the same each week.

Sunday, January 3
Day Off

Monday, January 4
Treadmill: 40 Minutes (1.5 mile run, walk 10 min at 6 incline)
Amped Abs Class: 15 minutes
Weights: Leg Abduction (2 sets of 20, each leg), Shoulder Press (3 sets of 10)

Tuesday, January 5
Treadmill: 20 Minutes (1 mile run, the rest walk)
Elliptical: 20 Minutes (Hill Climb)
Stair Climber: 10 Minutes
Abs: 50 Regular Crunches

Wednesday, January 6
Day Off

Thursday, January 7
Treadmill: 20 Minutes (1.5 Miles, 1 Mile Running)
Zumba Class: 45 Minutes

Friday, January 8
Fit TV - Two Yoga Classes, each about 20 minutes (Yoga/Thai Chi and Namaste Yoga)

Saturday, January 9
Elliptical: 20 Minutes (Two Hill Run)
SET Class: 60 Minutes, Weights and Cardio
Walk Missy: 20 Minutes

Weight Loss
This week: -2 lbs
To date: -2 lbs
Weight left to lose: 8 lbs by the end of Feb

Overall Notes
I am feeling like I'm starting to get back to my old workout routines. For some reason after we moved into our new house and got our dog, I had the hardest time getting to the gym. But, now I've made it an absolute priority, so it's getting easier and easier to go.

I feel like my runs are getting a little easier. I can go longer without feeling so winded and my legs aren't getting as tired early. I'm still struggling with getting my weight lifting strength back. It's coming along though.

The weight loss thing is always frustrating when I start working out hard core again. I feel like I should have lost a lot more, but I realize I've gotta build my muscle back up first, then the real pounds should start slipping away soon. We shall see!

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