Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fitness Log - Week 3 2009

Monday, January 19
Run: .25 walk, 1.0 Run, .25 walk
Elliptical: 17 minutes (gluts)
Yoga: 60 Minutes
Abs: 10 minutes amped abs
Great workout! Very happy with this one

Tuesday, January 20
Day Off

Wednesday, January 21
So frustrated. Ate like crap too.

Thursday, January 22
Elliptical: 15 min (hill climb)
Zumba: 45 Min
Alright, still not feeling too good

Friday, January 23
Walk Missy: 20 Min
Disappointed I didn't go to the gym

Saturday, January 24
SET Class: 60 Minutes (Weights and Cardio)
Tough class. Still wasn't feeling too great. Wished I would have run beforehand.

Sunday, January 25
Run: .25 Walk, .50 Run, .25 Walk, .50 Run, .25 Walk
Abs: 15 Min
Extremely sore and tired. This workout was hard to complete.

Gained 2 pounds this week. Super upsetting. So now I'm feeling like I'm starting all over.

Overall notes:
Really frustrating week. I started out thinking this was going to be the week to really kick things into high gear, but I got sick and just fell into a huge funk. I ate HORRIBLY all week and definitely paid for it. I hope to not have many more weeks like this.

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