Friday, January 9, 2009

Shall we Zumba?

Last night I tried a new class at the gym - Zumba. I was skeptical, but since it is one of the only classes than I can make it to during the week, I thought I'd give it a go.

The class started at 7:30 and people started lining up outside the doors around 7:10, which is a bit strange. I mean, could they not take a walk on the treadmill or hop on a bike for 20 minuets? Must you just stand there like a blob? I started to question my decision to go. I continued my mile run and decided to join the crowd around 7:20. I studied the group that was there and started to have serious doubts about the actual physicality of Zumba. Most of the women there were not what I would consider to be "fit". Most of them were considerably older or slightly younger than me. I figured this was just going to be a "fun" class where you wiggle your ass a bit and call it a "workout".

Once we all filed in and I secured my spot (Front row, far right the mirrors, it's my spot. Don't mess with me.) I noticed that it was a HUGE class. I also spied some girls my age who looked like they were in pretty good shape, so that gave me some hope. I've taken other dance classes from this instructor so I knew she was high energy and that proved to be the case. She explained the class to us newbs, telling us it was a "Latin dance inspired fitness class". Interesting.

Turns out that it was actually a pretty decent workout! The music was loud and very catchy. The "dance" steps were easy to pick up on and there were a fair amount of squats and jumps to make me feel like I was getting my heart rate up and doing some toning. And what can I say, it was fun to shake my money maker! I will say that the class was very fun! I love, love, love to dance so anything that incorporates dancing is right up my alley, but I also don't have countless hours to spend at the gym, so I want my workouts to be INTENSE. Zumba was no TKB (*sigh* I miss the class up north) by any means, but I think I'll continue to go to the Wednesday night class just for a fun little extra workout. I just need to make sure that I go early enough to get in a run beforehand. Zumba is one of those classes that is as hard as you want it to be. It would be pretty easy to just kind of do the moves, but if you really want to kick it into high gear, there's lots of opportunity. I think the ladies who lined up at 7:10 didn't really get this concept. But to each their own I guess. I'm kind of a gym snob...

Saturday I plan to take a 60 minute Cycle class followed immediately by a 60 minute SET class (weights and cardio), because I'm crazy.

I'm going to start updating my weekly workouts on Saturday or Sunday here on the blog. I think it will help me be more accountable. Since Zach is working nights now, I don't get to see him during the week, so there's really no rush to get home (besides to see what Missy has destroyed). I can feel myself quickly slipping back in to "psycho workout girl" mode, like I was before I got married. I love it!

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